Charles Phillips – Infor’s New Hero in Achieving a Global Name



The world of technology has created a lot of visionaries such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and continues to create a new set of young futurists that will make it even more exciting, mind-boggling and fast-forward. A lot of gigantic computer companies nowadays are so ahead of each other’s games with the latest innovations and ground-breaking stories. Infor, one of the biggest and leading enterprises planning software provider just spilled the beans on the induction of Charles Phillips as their new Chief Executive Officer. Truly, this is one of the biggest switches in the technology industry when he jumped from Oracle, another hardware and technology giant, to Infor. This created such a big buzz and a lot of people are keeping their eyes set on the new CEO of Infor.

As Phillips left his position are President of Oracle, Mark Hurd took over. Now that Charles Phillips is the CEPO of Infor, he is also delegated as a member of the board. Furthermore, former Infor CEO Jim Schaper will assume the position of Chairman to make way for Phillips. Schaper was a hundred percent confident in leaving the position to Phillips as he believed that the latter is one of the youngest yet most promising leaders at forefront today. During his time with Oracle, he was able to bag a lot of new clients for the company such as Siebel Systems and BEA Systems.

If it is to be looked at on all angles, Infor still has a lot to improve and is still under the radar despite the seventy companies and seventy thousand customers they have now. This makes it even more exciting and thrilling because Phillips made an entrance at a point in time when Infor is going for an all-out campaign to be better known worldwide. They are planning to broaden their range of applications from enterprise resource planning to customer relationship management to financial and human resource management software. 2012 might just be the lucky year for Infor to finally boom out of their shell, metamorphose from their cocoon and finally give an arms race competition for the other bigger companies.

Charles Phillips carries a truckload of expectations, hopes and aspirations of creating the new generation and era that Infor will enter for the years to come. Everybody seems to be keeping their fingers crossed for the alleged acquisition that Infor will be taking on for the expansion to finally lay out.


The Timeline Of Charles Phillips And His Path To Becoming Triumphant



One man who is globally recognized as the beacon of light in the realm of business software developments, and being known for his credentials is no other than Charles Phillips, before he became utterly successful in life, he first served his country during his earlier years. Before he had significant positions for a couple of corporations he has worked for, he was initially a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, and prior to that he graduated with a Major in Bs Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy. Computers is in general the only thing that keeps Charles interested, he saw great potential and he saw himself working with the latest technology possible in the future. Fortunately, all that became true by the time he had graduated from school.

Charles Phillips Oracle also didn’t just finish his studies at the United States Air Force Academy; he wanted to further improve his skills in all things computer. He then decided to go to Hampton University, and after a few years he received an MBA from the institution, plus he also went to the New York Law School to incorporate his title with a JD degree. Because he had so much interest in computers, by the time he has finished all his studies from these three establishments, Charles was fully prepared to take on whatever the real world has in line for me. His first employments started out in Morgan Stanley, he worked here as a Managing Director and also he serve as a Director at the same time. But Charles always had the itch to embark on new career paths to help him grow not just personally but more importantly professionally.

The Morgan Stanley Group is not the only place where Charles Phillips Oracle shared his knowledge and skills as a Director; he also worked for the Jazz at Lincoln Center, the American Museum of Natural History and also at the Viacom Company. He all worked as a Director for these establishments, and still Charles wanted to set foot on a new workplace and a more growing environment, so he then decided to opt for working in several banking institutions in Wall Street.

From Wall Street, Charles was discovered not just by a certain person by the entire company of Oracle. They saw an enormous potential in Charles’ performance and skills, and therefore decided to pluck him out from Wall Street and offer him a job he would never resist – a President position in Oracle. A few years after, being completely skillful and the best in the field, he was then given another job offer by Infor, and that’s where he became the Chief Executive Officer of the company.


A Means to an End for Infor and Charles Phillips

The world of information technology was shaken when Infor CEO Jim Schaper left the position of being the chief executive officer of the company. However, the comoany knew better and did not left the big position with just an average Joe. Replacing Schaper as CEO is technological visionary Charles Phillips. Charles Phillips was known as the former president of Oracle. A true genius, Phillips amazingly made the three-hundred percent revenue growth possible for Oracle within his seven-year service as President. That alone makes Phillips a living dynamo in the field of software development.
Industry critics raise two thumbs up for this bold decision made by Infor. According to Tiburon technologies CEO martin Tarr, it is the best company reorganization move for Infor since Phillips is a gold mine as he had brought oracle in the pedestal. Phillips present company is hopeful and in high spirits that their newly hailed CEO can do just the same for Infor which is on the verge of development of new software to be launched on January. It is indeed the perfect timing for Infor and Phillips. Charles Phillips CEO now faces big challenges in taking over the helm of a large company which serves middle-sized companies congested in an IT market on the middle of recession. That will be a whole lot of work for Phillips; however, there is not a problem unsolvable for a seasoned leader such as him. According to Phillips, there is a chance that he might go an acquisition for Infor since it has proven its expertise having successfully integrated seventy companies in the consolidating industry.
Charles Phillips CEO of Infor came right on time during a period where the company is attempting to strengthen its relationships with 1,400 VARS and has created a new North American Channel Advisory Council to further reinforce its solution provider partnerships. Presently, Phillips is trying to discreetly build the third largest software enterprise company in the world. He is prepping up Infor to be poised for growth with its next generation software shipping. According to him, this can be possible with 59% compound annual revenue growth over the last seven years of its operation. Higher margins than eight of the top ten application companies and a track record of leading innovation is the key.
With his bold statements, IT critics and industry leaders are on the lookout on whether Phillips next moves for Infor will fail or skyrocket to success and will deliver the results that he is targeting for his new niche. Meanwhile, the workforce of Infor is just as thrilled to have one of the computer technology industry big shots finally working with them towards greater heights and a larger scope of commercial success.


Former Oracle President Charles Phillips now takes Over Infor

Charles Phillips is the former president of database giant Oracle who switched to a different turf and was hailed as the new CEO and member of the board of directors of Infor Enterprise Software Solutions. He was replaced at Oracle by former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd. Though his last year with Oracle has listed some wrong business moves, he is nonetheless considered as one of the biggest contributors behind Oracles success. There is no denying that he is of great responsibility to what Oracle has achieved. Now that he is on a new position with third largest application solutions provider in the world, the challenge is not on how he can drive this, since his leadership skills is already evident with the way he handles Oracle, but on how he is going to make a well-flourished company shine even brighter than it already does.
Giving a brief profile on Infor’s status, the company caters high-end application and software solutions to top aerospace, pharmaceutical, high-technological, apparel and footwear and financial services companies, automotive suppliers, retailers, electrical distributors, brewers, machineries and state and local government agencies. With the rate that Infor is going, there is no question that Charles Phillips CEO for Infor has a great deal of challenge on his shoulder on how he can build a bigger empire and market for a company that has almost done it all prior to his assumed position. According to him, he is very eager to lead Infor to greater heights and next phase of growth.
Charles Phillips CEO of Infor arrived at the ERP software vendor company in a time where it was preparing for a release of the next-generation set of applications comes 2012. It is also trying to make a bold attempt to give Microsoft technologies an arms race competition in terms of collaboration, business intelligence, identification management, and rich Internet application. These are only some of the handful of responsibilities that Charles Phillips needs to get a head start on as soon as he assumes office.
According to former Infor CEO and now Chairman Jim Schaper, they are very confident with Phillips as the new CEO of the company. Phillips has twenty years of experience in software industry and the previous positions he has handles has honed him to be the reputable business strategist that he is. The company is proud to have him in the company and is very confident that Infor will continue to move forward with a new leadership and addition to the visionaries behind them. Infor is looking at a brighter future with a stellar addition to its powerhouse of innovators that will definitely lead the company to a longer track record of exceptional software innovations. All’s well that ends well for Infor and Phillips.


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